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Balanced Body Massages by Jody offers a range of relaxing and healing body treatments. Jody is a certified massage practitioner trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage. She has been pampering clients back to wellness through the power of massage for the past seven years. Whether you need a pro to loosen sore muscles or simple require an hour of a pure tranquility, Jody has healing hands and techniques for both.

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30 minutes starting at $40
60 minutes starting at $70
90 minutes starting at $110
30 minute stretch starting at $50
30 minute stretch + 30 minute massage starting at $80
Chair massage starting at $1/per minute

*Prices subject to change.

Corporate & Business Events!

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440.521.2200 •


What I liked best was the warmth of her hands and her consistent, firm strokes. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of massages over the past 26 years and am aware of the difference between someone who is technically competent and someone gifted. I think Jody is a true healer.


Jody’s back massage was amazing! She feels the muscles and knows how to manipulate the glutes, hands, calf muscles and everything was the best!


Full, constant massage. I enjoyed the different pressure techniques.


Jody seems to really get into the muscles and concentrate on the areas where I had additional tightness. Jody is a keeper.